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Strata Maintenance Plumbing Services Sydney

Are you on a strata board or with a strata management company and are looking for reliable plumbing services?

For a long time, Superior Facility Plumbing and Heating has been fulfilling and exceeding expectations of Strata Managers across the Sydney area.

You need to handle your Strata work, and we are fully capable of eliminating the pressure on your hands. Losses or damage to common property can’t always be prevented, however, we can help fix and keep up with the maintenance of your Strata projects.

We provide a full range of plumbing and heating services, from plumbing repairs, installation and removal of fixtures, to flood restoration and 24×7 emergency services. You can remain silent and realize that your pipeline management is controlled by top industry experts.

The Strata Plumbing Services We Perform

Are there leaking pipes in your Strata section? Do winter weather conditions cause roof leaks or sewer leaks?

Superior Facility, Plumbing and Heating can manage the entirety of your strata plumbing issues. We adhere to the highest level of pipeline principles and ensure that all pipeline problems can be resolved quickly and effectively.


Our team, has experience dealing with a variety of strata projects throughout Sydney.

We can tend to and fix all Strata plumbing issues, some of which include

  • Clogged gutters
  • Leaking roof
  • Water-soaked carpets
  • Water saturated drywall
  • Cracks in the ceiling or walls from water damage
  • Burst water supply pipes
  • Clogged water supply pipes
  • Pinhole leaks
  • Hot water tank leaks or replacements

Leaks and plumbing issues can occur whenever, and it is essential to guarantee they’re managed as fast and productively as could be expected. We realize that you have too much to do, and unexpected plumbing problems are the last thing you need to manage.

There is no big or small job we need to solve, so call us today. Try not to let plumbing problems affect what you do best.

Strata Heating

Are there issues with furnaces in your strata complex? Have homeowners noticed problems with heat pumps or hot water tanks?

These are things that no one needs to manage. It occurs and it should be fixed. So, who do you go to?

If there’s a company out there with many years of experience in fixing strata heating issues that deserve your business, it’s Superior Facility Plumbing and Heating.

Common issues that we can rectify include:

  • Antifreeze for hot water tanks
  • Pressure maintenance
  • Problems with heat distribution and circulation
  • Furnace repair
  • Air quality
  • Boiler repair
  • Radiator repair or replacement
  • Inspection of heating systems


We’ve been servicing strata committees and property managers for quite a long time. We have the ability and experience to support any problems with your heating system.

We know how to check, diagnose and effectively solve the problems that may occur in boilers, furnaces, radiant floor heating and even old-fashioned radiators.

We strongly recommend that you should monitor all heating equipment at least once a year even if there are no current problems.

This can prevent issues before they occur. Superior Facility, Plumbing, and Heating can also do upgrades and removal of older heating systems.

Strata Drainage

Your drainage system is an extremely important part of your strata assets, and our job is to make sure it keeps running. It is easy to forget, but it is important to maintain a good working order.

We recommend that you perform regular maintenance and inspections on the drainage system to find possible problems before they become serious.

Some drainage problems that we resolve:

  • Flooded gardens or outdoor area
  • Flooding underground
  • Installation or repair of drainage systems
  • Erosion of pipes
  • Inspection of drainage systems
  • Repair of cracked or depleted pipes


If there are any problems or emergencies in the drainage system, our experts are equipped with the tools required for comprehensive repair, replacement and cleaning. We are prepared to fix any water leaks or drainage issues that might arise in your strata plumbing.

Try not to allow external drainage failures to cause real floods or underground leaks. Flooded gardens or leaking parking lots can cause serious water and property damage problems.

Call Superior Facility Plumbing and Heating today and leave your Strata plumbing and heating issues to the experts!


Contact Superior Facility 24×7 Emergency Strata Plumbing Services in Sydney.

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